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While using Windows 7 one day, I uninstalled a Google program (Google Earth, I think), and then all of my fonts were permanently italic, everywhere. I worked around this by following a tip from another user on a Google help site and installing arial32.exe every time I booted into Windows, which apparently reset something that got removed, but it would only last until the next reboot. That got tiring and didn’t work on everything, so I tried to make the fonts normal again.

I found a font fix for Windows Vista that looked plausible and applied it. Well, that didn’t go over well. All of my fonts were now broken, and I just got little squares and weird things. After trying to trawl through the registry and undo the fix I’d applied, I settled that I would need to do a repair installation.

So I put in the install disc, rebooted, and found out that at least on my disc, you can’t really do a repair installation. That was a waste of time and really lame. Do other Win 7 discs lack a repair install?

I tried to install PowerPoint Viewer because someone said that it contained all default Windows fonts. I’d hoped it would restore the registry keys. It didn’t. If you have deleted your actual fonts, this still might help, but it won’t fix registry problems.

Then the idea came to me that I had a Win 7 install in a virtual machine, and that I could grab the font keys from there and hopefully that would undo the big evil Vista fix as well as the italics problem. I exported the keys from the VM and applied on the native install, and it worked! 😀

I’m attaching the registry fixes to this. If any of you have these problems with a Windows 7 install, remove:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontMapper\FamilyDefaults
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

and then apply win7_font_fix, which will restore Windows’s default font settings and fix things like permanent italics.

Of course, you should make always make a backup before you change the registry and I claim no responsibility for damage this fix may cause. This fix is not supported. Use it at your own risk. I hope it helps some people.

Once again, the link for that is win7_font_fix.

30 thoughts on “Windows 7 font fix

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  2. Thanks, this helped me…… the font on my daughter’s laptop changed to Wingdings and we could do nothing……..imported the registry fix which resolved the problem

  3. Same happened to me… Uninstalled a program and everything went sideways.
    You definitely saved me some time and frustration.

  4. Fuck. Yeah!

    Man, this worked like a charm. All of my fonts were in bold for some reason, and this fixed it. All of the shit I’ve tried were useless, but this reg fix was a lifesaver. Thanks again, +100 internets.

  5. You Da Bomb. Thank you very much for all the time and trouble you went through to post this accurate and resourceful article. Praise indeed, muchly so.

  6. Thank you so much.You are a good person to share this with us. I spent hours trying to fix this on my own.

  7. Regarding the Win7 repair option — the closest thing I found to the old repair option is an option to ***upgrade*** Windows to the **same*** version — using your original install disk — this will reinstall all files, and reset various file permissions (copies all files and reinstalls them with new perms) and replaces registry entries. It saves most user-level preferences, but I hve not encountered any documentation as to what is saved or ‘restored’.

    “Upgrading a win7Ult->Win7ult with 280GB used on a 4-way SSD based RAID-0, took almost 5 hours to upgrade! Not a scorchin fast way to get back in business…

    A system restore from a network backup for the same amount of data — full image restore– takes about 45-50 minutes.

    But that doesn’t reset any settings either…

    the on-disk system restore.. next to useless in being *reliable* — when it works, great, but have also had it ‘eat’ my disk more than once (i.e. failed to restore, claimed it put disk back way it was — but it didn’t — was missing many files… 10-40%! (i.e. that’s why I said it ‘ate’ my HD, though it really only ate content…not the HW)…

  8. what do i do with this? how do i apply win7_font_fix? everytime i click the link, it just sends me to a new page with a list of font names… should i copy it and paste it somewhere? can someone tell me the step by step process on how to do this? thanks in advance…

  9. thx, recently i have problem with the font and cause my program not working, search for a week and get to this site 🙂 , well it’s looks like not default font , but it helps me, thx again 😛

  10. Thanks dude, you saved the day!!! I was pretty close to doing a full Windows reinstall to fix a problem with corrupted system fonts. Your fix worked beautifully on Windows 8 Pro 64bit. Cheers.

  11. Brilliant!

    I was missing text in dialog boxes, control panels, and buttons, and some web pages had text overwriting other text. Ugly stuff. Was about to perform an Inplace Upgrade, but found this page. Applied these fixes and everything appears to be working again!


  12. This actually worked. Seems like this works for Windows 7 and Windows 8 aswell. You saved a few hours of my life if I were to reinstall wiindows again.

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Thanks a lot! Worked fine for me and saved me much time!

    Greets from Germany

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