Removing Adobe Drive CS4 in Windows

So, after sitting around for more than an hour waiting for Adobe’s indecently bloated CS4 installer to finish installing Photoshop and Flash, I right-click on a file, and am rewarded with a lovely little “Adobe Drive CS4” context option. I definitely didn’t want this, and I’m upset that when all I asked for was Flash and Photoshop two new Adobe submenus appear on my Start list, one containing only “Adobe Media Player” and another containing nine items, only two of which I asked for, plus another top-level icon for “”, so Adobe sucks.

Anyway, it seems that the recommended method to remove Adobe Drive CS4 from the context menu is to open the installer and uninstall it (funny that I wasn’t asked about this the first time), but if you’re running Windows in a virtualized guest like me and don’t want to wait the ten minutes it takes Adobe to “[check your system profile]” and “[Load] Setup”, remove these two registry keys:


and you should be freed from offending entry.

Alas, Adobe Drive CS4 is still sitting around somewhere sucking up space uselessly, but we’ll leave well enough alone for now.

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