Facebook doin’ it wrong

Above is a picture of Facebook doin’ it wrong.

This is what happens when you leave yourself logged in too long, this is the “timeout” screen. You can notice its utter uselessness by observing that all around it is your friends’ confidential data, intended only for those approved to see it, not to mention some information about your own account.live streaming movie Nocturnal Animals 2016

That means if you leave this up at a computer lab, while Facebook will cause your session to die, which is good, they’ll leave your newsfeed containing arbitrary private data on-screen, which is really, really bad.

Even more hilarious is the “cancel” button, which causes this dialog to disappear and the one post obstructed by it to become visible.

Imagine if your bank did this.

One thought on “Facebook doin’ it wrong

  1. This is the tip of the iceberg. I happen to know this rabbit hole runs a lot deeper. If you’re concerned about your online privacy, my friend, don’t upload your life to social networking sites. Simple stuff.

    By the way, nothing is private. It just appears so to the laymen. Furthermore, you’re safer having jack ass mcrandom looking over your personal data, than you are the people who administer, fund and run that data mining pit. But you feel safe because they’re established.

    That’s cute.

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