Facebook doin’ it wrong

Above is a picture of Facebook doin’ it wrong.

This is what happens when you leave yourself logged in too long, this is the “timeout” screen. You can notice its utter uselessness by observing that all around it is your friends’ confidential data, intended only for those approved to see it, not to mention some information about your own account.live streaming movie Nocturnal Animals 2016

That means if you leave this up at a computer lab, while Facebook will cause your session to die, which is good, they’ll leave your newsfeed containing arbitrary private data on-screen, which is really, really bad.

Even more hilarious is the “cancel” button, which causes this dialog to disappear and the one post obstructed by it to become visible.

Imagine if your bank did this.

Add player stats to scoreboard in sauerbraten/cube2

We all like sauerbraten, but I wanted a persistent look at my stats as I played. As such, I have written the following patch to display relevant info. Thanks to #sauerbraten for help.

This works against stable, “Trooper Edition”. There is a patch for SVN floating around out there somewhere, which includes flags captured as SVN has that variable implemented and I didn’t feel like backporting it. Hopefully there will be a release soon and it will be moot.

So, just apply this from sauerbraten/, not sauerbraten/src.

Patch redacted Sept. 2010; please see http://github.com/sjuxax/cube2-stable

NoSQL v. SQL is the worst holy war ever.

This seems to be filled with religious contention, as demonstrated at http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1163039 . Both sides are talking past each other, so I want to lay it out flat.

First of all, while NoSQL and RDBMS can sometimes exclude one another, they should not be seen as adversaries. NoSQL is designed to address a certain problem space and RDBMS is designed to address another. Both can be an important part of one infrastructure. So all of the resentment between sides is pointless.

Relational databases scale. NoSQL databases scale. Both are scalable and tunable, depending on the situation. Sometimes an RDBMS will be better for your project (yes, even in performance). Sometimes a NoSQL datastore will be better for your project.

NoSQL datastores like CouchDB and MongoDB are developed by competent developers. They are used by competent developers.

Relational and SQL-bearing databases like SQL Server and PostgreSQL are developed by competent developers. They are used by competent developers.

NoSQL offers a barebones solution for people whose primary concerns are speed and load. RDBMS offer a full-fledged solution for people whose primary concerns are data integrity and interrelatibility.

There might be a place in your organization for both!

There is no need to get haughty about this. Pick the design that works best for your problem set. There is no need for one to eliminate the other. Both are useful.

Good software development is all about good judgement. Anyone can learn syntax rules and throw together something that kind-of-sort-of works, but a good developer will know when to deploy one thing and when to deploy another. Keep your options open and stop the silliness.

NoSQL v. SQL is the worst holy war ever.